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Archive | April, 2016

The Impact of the Absence of Colour

God knows we love color and all things bold and beautiful, BUT I also have a strong love for monochrome and neutral tones both in interiors and in fashion, where there is often a lack of colour, there must be a great use of luxury materials, textures and accents. The design is in the detail. […]

Creativity Is The Absence Of Fear

I have been a creative since Birth, it runs through my veins all the way through my hair and in my every expression. Throughout college, Arts School and my career as a designer and buyer I have always seen myself as slightly different, ‘too creative’ ‘your outfit clashes’, I’ve been told. What do you mean? […]

Print is my Ecstacy and Couture is my Cocaine

London | Paris | New York I love that no matter where I am London, Paris or New York, there is one language: FASHION & DESIGN.  Print is the loudest form of expression, the illustration of this wonderful creative world. The only way I feel I can truly express myself is through colours and patterns, […]