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The Weekly Update

By Renelle Pettitt

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LOVE Interiors & Fashion? Keep reading, You’re about to enter your zone…



As we’re getting ready our looks of Spring/Summer 17, Which designers will you be loving. From Balmain to Creatures Of The Wind, we are going to be taking a look at some of our favourite pieces!


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McQueen… Ready to Wear SS/17

Print layered on print, whats not to love.

Hectic yet subtle the McQueen collection never fails to please us fashionistas with glamorous looks…

004-creatures-of-the-wind-2017-683x1024 015-creatures-of-the-wind-2017-683x1024 001-creatures-of-the-wind-2017-683x1024

Creatures Of The  Wind…Ready to Wear SS/17 

Pretty, Subtle & Edgy.

What more could we possibly say. Each looks is sophisticated with a hint of masculinity we get an amazing overall contrast of boy meets girl. From the shape to the colours they couldn’t have done it better.

 011-tommy-hilfiger-2017-683x1024 027-tommy-hilfiger-2017-683x1024 015-tommy-hilfiger-2017-683x1024

Tommy Hilfiger…Ready to Wear SS/17 

Playful, Loose, Pretty and Natural, don’t you think?

007-calvin-klein-collection-resort-17_1280x1920-683x1024 004-calvin-klein-collection-resort-17_1280x1920-683x1024 001-calvin-klein-collection-resort-17_1280x1920-683x1024

Calvin Klein…Ready to Wear SS/17 

Spotty & Dotty / White on White.

From fashion to interiors these to trends all seem to be alive. The white trend never fails us with an oversized coat and chunky boots the look couldn’t get any bolder!

Pretty and Structured the Spot on Dot look is comes in to play and adds a touch of cuteness on any look!

Some more looks we absolutely loved from this week!

what-everyone-wore-to-the-elizabeth-and-james-store-opening-last-night-1851624-1469698295-600x0c-208x300 marykate-ashley-olsen-vogue-28july16-getty-683x1024 margot-robbie-2-vogue-26july16-rex_b-683x1024

  cara-delevingne-vogue-29july16-rex-683x1024 fashion-fashion-8-secrets-to-dressing-like-the-most-chic-women-1836881-1468517854-600x0c-207x300



The Interior Trend Bible!

Take a look at some of our favourite decor from this year so far…

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Any food lovers are?

Here are some must try summer recipes:

Cavatappi with Arugula Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes



6 servings (serving size: 1 1/3 cups pasta and 1 teaspoon nuts)


Ingredients –

5 cups trimmed arugula
1/2 cup (2 ounces) grated fresh Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup pine nuts, toasted
1 tablespoon lemon juice
3/4 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1 garlic clove, minced
1/3 cup water
2 tablespoons extravirgin olive oil
Remaining ingredients:
1 pound uncooked cavatappi
2 cups red and yellow cherry tomatoes, halved (about 3/4 pound)
2 tablespoons pine nuts, toasted

Preparation –

To prepare pesto, combine first 7 ingredients in a food processor; process until finely minced. With processor on, slowly pour 1/3 cup water and oil through food chute; process until well blended.

Cook pasta according to package directions, omitting salt and fat. Drain. Combine pesto, pasta, and tomatoes in a large bowl; toss well. Sprinkle pine nuts over pasta. Serve immediately.

Wine note: There’s nothing more satisfying than a light pasta dish and a glass of cold, fresh, dry Italian white wine.


Chicken Anticuchos

60441_Cooking_Light_Urban_Grilling_03-0007 R1

Serves 4 (serving size: 2 skewers)


1/2 cup white vinegar, divided
2 tablespoons aji amarillo paste
2 1/2 teaspoons ground cumin, divided
1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
6 garlic cloves
3 (6-oz.) skinless, boneless chicken breast halves
1 red onion
1 red or green bell pepper
1/4 cup canola oil
Dash of kosher salt
Dash of freshly ground black pepper
Cooking spray

Preparation –

1. Place 1/4 cup vinegar, aji amarillo paste, 2 teaspoons cumin, black pepper, salt, and garlic in a mini food processor; process until smooth. Place marinade in a large zip-top plastic bag.

2. Cut chicken into 2-inch cubes. Place chicken cubes in bag with marinade; toss well to coat. Marinate in refrigerator at least 45 minutes or up to overnight.

3. Peel onion; cut into 1-inch wedges. Remove stem, seeds, and membrane from bell pepper; cut into 1-inch pieces.

4. Remove chicken from marinade; discard marinade. Thread the chicken and vegetable pieces evenly onto 8 (10-inch) skewers, alternating chicken with vegetables.

5. Combine remaining vinegar, remaining cumin, oil, dash of salt, and dash of pepper in a small bowl.

6. Preheat grill to medium-high. Place skewers on grill rack coated with cooking spray; grill skewers 2 minutes on each side or until chicken is done, basting frequently with vinegar mixture.

All Images Credited to Vogue, Pinterest & My Recipes 

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