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The Spot

By Renelle Pettitt

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Loving the Spot Trend … Try something new.

Now I am a big fan of this because I find dots super cute and very easy to use in fashion and interiors… remember a few years back when Japanese artist Yayoi kasama collaborated with Louis Vuitton for the windows in Selfridges London? it was fantastic albeit it slightly creepy with the eerily lifelike model of Yayoi.

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Personally I think a great way to use spots is either on scatter cushions or be super bold and use them on your wall! it can look fabulous whether bright colours in a child’s bedroom or simple black and white for an office space.


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The beauty of spots is they can be used anywhere really due to the fact they can come in all different sizes smaller spots are great in bedrooms and living rooms and larger spots can look super cool in kitchens or bathrooms.


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Another way to add dots about the home is via artwork…think Damien Hurst circa 1988.



As a trend spots are timeless so why not give it a try!








All Images Credited to  Pinterest.

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