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White on White Interiors

By Renelle Pettitt

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White Parties are always a thing of summer aren’t they? Whether on the sandy beaches of Marbs or an exclusive LA club but what about all white interiors?

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Well maybe an entire white home is a bit extreme but a new trend of white on white has emerged and it looks great.

Imagine how spacious and airy your living room would be with white walls and accents of white throughout. A white sofa is perhaps not practical however add white cushions and throws for a summery feel.

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I’m a big fan of white kitchens again having a white back splash with white marble counter tops just looks so fresh and neat. The same goes for bathrooms especially if you don’t have the biggest bathroom by keeping it white you give the illusion of more space.



The perfect thing about this trend is t doesn’t have to be just a summer thing come winter swap your cotton throws and cushions with a nice large knitted throw and some fluffy fur cushions.



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