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The Bulgari

By Renelle Pettitt

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Last Wednesday evening I found myself sat at the bar in the Bulgari Hotel in Knightsbridge.  I was waiting for my yummy Bellini when I drifted away from the conversation and started to look about at the design and decor of the place.


I thought what makes a place feel luxurious? Is it just the way it looks or more?

What I noticed is it a combination of things; The Bulgari Bar is a stunning oval piece with reflective metal all around and a lovely floral centerpiece. All around are low seated leather seats and tables. The lighting has been dimmed to create a relaxing ambience and the staff speak in a lowered tone as to not disturb anybody.




You could be an A-lister or an average joe and you would be treated with the same respect and if you were famous you would feel so relieved to be somewhere nobody is going to pester you!

The point of all of this however is yes a place should look one of a kind and beautiful but it is really the service that makes a venue feel luxurious.

It is a place you truly would happily sit all night long and the mini pizza’s didn’t hurt either ;).






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