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December Feature: Decorating The Christmas Tree

By Renelle Pettitt

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As 2016 is approaching the end, we are yet to experience the best month. This festive season is all about christmas and celebrations with loved ones.

In this weeks Christmas special we will be displaying how to decorate your Christmas tree this year, whether your wanting to go for traditional, contemporary or unique looks, I’m sure this blog will help you to decorate your dream tree, featuring and capturing all of the beautiful elements that come together to make one jaw dropping centerpiece.



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Take a look throughout  our Christmas Tree & Decoration Album to find your perfect style of decor to fit your homes interiors….



Trends for Christmas this year:



The Floral Tree

floral-tree-close-up multi-tree    flloral-tree


White tones with Gold infusions


luxury-decortations    tree-ideas    decor-inspoo




The Classic Tree


red-and-green-tree-decor     tree-16-trends      tree-inspo-traditional




Some extra touches we love:


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All Images are credited to Pinterest.

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