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The Ultimate Matte Finish

-Mr. Matte Hues- A great way to add interest into your home is to mix up finishes. Mixing matte into a scheme can make other items you want to stand out more for example a silk velvet chair against a matte painted wall. Another perfect place to add it is too fixtures you want to keep […]

The Raw Movement

  Interiors and exteriors of the 21st century are now becoming more and more blended, whether you are making your exterior blend with the natural surroundings or your interior take on the same qualities and materials as the outer home.  

The Power Of Pastels

Pastels are a great way to brighten up ones home during the warmer months. Take inspiration from this years Pantone colours of the year: Serendipity & Rose Quartz. if you are not sure where to use pastel, two great places are the kitchen or bedroom.                       […]

The Trend Report

-The Country Set- Country chic…forget mud and wellies! We are talking polo, champagne, beautiful gardens and of course glamorous interiors to boot! With the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup having just kicked off until July this is one of favourite looks. These days the look has become more modern, not so dark and heavy but more vibrant […]

Bright Print & Pattern

As summer fast approaches, the colours and prints in interiors are beautifully blossoming. The evolving extravagant patterns and playfulness in interiors we are seeing this year is making us ecstatically happy. There is great use of bold and bright fabrics, prints and art buzzing through out London this month, especially after the Chelsea flower show. There […]

The Impact of the Absence of Colour

God knows we love color and all things bold and beautiful, BUT I also have a strong love for monochrome and neutral tones both in interiors and in fashion, where there is often a lack of colour, there must be a great use of luxury materials, textures and accents. The design is in the detail. […]

Creativity Is The Absence Of Fear

I have been a creative since Birth, it runs through my veins all the way through my hair and in my every expression. Throughout college, Arts School and my career as a designer and buyer I have always seen myself as slightly different, ‘too creative’ ‘your outfit clashes’, I’ve been told. What do you mean? […]

Print is my Ecstacy and Couture is my Cocaine

London | Paris | New York I love that no matter where I am London, Paris or New York, there is one language: FASHION & DESIGN.  Print is the loudest form of expression, the illustration of this wonderful creative world. The only way I feel I can truly express myself is through colours and patterns, […]